I am a professional editor and writer with a degree in journalism from Northeastern University. I am a published author and a member of the American Copy Editors Society. Not only is editing a passion, but I enjoy helping you understand the edits I make so you can grow as a writer. Let me help you transform your rough draft into a printed piece to be proud of. 

I live in Dallas, Texas, and am originally from the Northeast. I have lived in the Midwest and Europe and am writing about my adventures in a memoir. I am also writing two children's books. 


Via email at: jennifermeditor@gmail.com


Are you looking for an expert editor who cares about your book as much as you do? I would love to help you put the final touches on your masterpiece so you can be proud of your work. 

I offer development editing, copy editing, technical editing, proofreading, and fact checking services to ensure the readability and professionalism of your writing. You can expect quality and quick turnaround from me. 

WRITERS: books, blog articles, movie and television scripts, magazine articles, short stories, and more

PROFESSIONALS: newsletters, brochures, press releases, website content, ad copy, and more

Book formatting! If you are self-publishing your book on Amazon, I offer formatting services (paperback, hardcover, and ebook) with quick turnaround.


I charge $45 an hour; this number varies depending on the amount of editing required. For example, my fee for editing a 40,000-word book ranges from $300-$800. I prefer to consult on your desired outcome, then I provide an estimate based on the number of expected hours the job will take. 


"I was self-conscious about putting my first ever book in front of an editor, but Jennifer's process built my confidence and led me to the finish line. Her approach and feedback helped me reorganize thoughts and delete tangential comments, and ultimately kept me on track to finish a project that could have gone astray. I am proud of what I completed with Jennifer and would encourage others to hire her to ensure the success of their published work."
-- Lydia Jacobs-Horton, Global Executive, Advisor, Educator, Author

"Writing Waiting Is Not an Action, my first book, was an incredible experience. Jennifer was a core to the success!
She provides hands-on experience, coaching, insights, cheerleading, and transparent feedback when you need it.
I would highly recommend her on your editing needs, and I know I'll be using her for the next book!"
-- Andrew J. Walter, Procter & Gamble Senior Vice President (retired),
Independent Board Director & Strategic Advisor, and Author (thanks to Jennifer)

"If you want your book to sing, if you want your book to be immaculate, if you want your book to catch the eye of an agent, you'll hire Jennifer Evans. Her editing skills are masterful.  She sees it all, and I do mean all: everything from the big picture (plot, character development, etc.) to the smallest scintilla of details (i.e., em dash vs. en dash). She's nimble, inventive, and responsive... a dream editor, really. She's kind, compassionate, and gives your work her all. Best of all, she reads with heart. I've been in the writing world for decades and I can safely say she's the best I've worked with. Don't miss out. Hire Jennifer today!"  -- Lisa Johnson Mitchell, Bennington Writing Seminars graduate, published author, and Indie documentary film producer.

"Jennifer proofread my book! She was thorough, specific, and made her suggestions clear.  She helped me in a timely manner; she was quick. This is a new experience for me.  Jennifer made me feel confident about the process, so that I will continue with my book writing and will ask her again for her assistance!" - Sara Burns

"The experience I had working with Jennifer as my editor is hard to even put into words. There is absolutely nobody better I could have worked with. She made the process fun, smooth, prompt, professional, and personal. She truly transformed my book and pushed me to dig deep and I am forever grateful to have found her to be a big part of my first book. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!" - Karli Moch, BIO Girls | Director of Mission Development; Author, Battle to Breakthrough

"I was looking for an editor, but I also found a great friend and mentor. It was such a pleasure working with Jennifer. I can always rely on her sharp editorial eye. Her kind and witty questions helped me see my work through the readers’ eyes and ensure that I had no irrelevant content and every word had value. She is also very responsive and kind to accommodate unplanned, last-minute edits on short notice. Her self-motivation and willingness to go the extra mile are unparalleled. 

I felt that I was working with a true professional and a profoundly caring and trusted friend who was invested in not just finishing her part of the work but bringing my book to life all the way through the process. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough!"  - Kevin Mann, Author, Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Choose your level of editing

What kind of edit does your manuscript need? If you're unfamiliar with the editing process, or can't decide what your document might need, I've summarized the various levels of editing below.  

Make smooth transitions

Writing is structured with words, sentences, and paragraphs. Why? To help the author organize their thoughts and help the reader better understand the message. 

Transitions indicate the relation between ideas and provide logical connections. Your reader should travel smoothly through your writing and not struggle. 

Create smooth moves by using transitional words, topic sentences, organization, and relationships. 

Pick the right punctuation

My three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas. Well, not exactly, But I do enjoy my family, eating macaroni and cheese, and using commas.  

Comma - used to set off nonessential information, for introductory matter or afterthoughts,  to separate a series of words, phrases, or independent clauses.
Dash -  used to represent a range of numbers, dates, or time.
Semicolon -  stronger than a comma; weaker than a period.
Colon -  used to introduce a list of items and used between independent clauses.
Parentheses - an afterthought; to provide additional information.
Period - a complete stop...end of discussion.

Apostrophe - form the possessive of nouns, to show the omission of letters and to indicate plurals of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Quotation mark - enclose titles or reports, short stories, articles, essays, musical works, book chapters. Use with special words or terms. Commas and period go inside; semicolons and colons go outside.
Exclamation mark - use sparingly in your writing.
Ellipses - to represent trailing thought, or to indicate omission.
Brackets - allows the insertion of editorial material inside quotations, or can be used to clarify.
Slash - shorthand for "per" and "and" and "or"

Choose the right word

Words are often misused or confused. They may look alive, they may sound alike, and they may be similar but have completely different meanings. The following are a few of those words and why choosing the correct one matters. 

farther - physical distance such as car trips and walks.
further - metaphorical distance such as time, quantity, or dreams.

among - used with a group or more than two.
between - being in the middle of separate, distinct things, usually two.

because - use for all causal relationships, e.g., "for the reason that."
since - use in instances involving time.

e.g. - for example (leads to more examples)
i.e. - in other words (leads to further definition)

affect (verb) - to impact. Think "alter" or replace with the word "transform."
effect - the result (noun) or to bring about (verb). (think end result)

that - goes with a dependent clause (cannot stand alone).
which - goes with an independent clause (can stand alone).

amount - uncountable, such as water, bravery, and charisma. 
number - countable, such as dogs, years, and eyeballs.

less - for things you can't count, such as water and potato salad.
fewer - for things you can count, such as M&Ms, potatoes, and glasses.

in - something inside a location, as "they were in the elevator."
into - referring to movement toward the inside of something. 

Avoid redundancies

Redundant words bloat writing, they make writing difficult to digest, and they detract from the quality and coherency of writing. They also create what I call "blah, blah" moments. Here are a few examples: 

Use JOIN or COMBINE instead of join together

Use STARTED instead of first initiated

Use DURING instead of during the course of

Use FACTS instead of true facts

Use SMILED instead of smiled happily

Use HISTORY instead of past history

Delete words such as "quite," "very," and "really." They aren't always needed. 

Communicate clearly

Have you ever started a book just to get bored or discouraged from its poor writing? Perhaps you didn't understand what the reader was trying to tell you. Don't let that happen to your writing. Here's a helpful checklist: 


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Touching MS:
Poetic Expressions

A beautiful collection of poems written by people who have multiple sclerosis (MS). Editor Jennifer Evans collaborated with patients and caregivers all over the world, and collected over 80 poems that speak to the MS experience. Hear the challenges and the frustration, but also hear resilience and hope. Arranged by category, these beautiful poems will touch your heart; they’ll make you laugh and cry. Most importantly, they’re a testament to what we can achieve as we work our way around the difficulties of this disease. Large print. 2013. 

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